353 Keese Mill Road, Paul Smiths, NY 12970

P.O. Box 201, Saranac Lake, NY 12983
(518) 327-5273, FAX 518-669-0764
353 Keese Mill Road, Paul Smiths, New York 12970
P.O. Box 201, Saranac Lake, New York 12983, (518) 327-5273, design@rainbow-graphics.com
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Welcome to Rainbow Graphics

Where you can get your Website Designing, Internet Services, Printing, Design, and Desktop Publishing for LESS $$$

20th Anniversary Celebration

We offer MANY years of experience in printing, graphic design, web site designing, mobile sites, and e-commerce sites that are fully functional online stores. Let us create a design that reflects you and your business. With our knowledge of getting web sites on TOP in search engines, using specific keywords... you can do very well!

Rainbow Graphics has been awarded, voted by others each year since 1999, in the "Best in the Mountains" Readers Choice Award. Again, May 2015, they have chosen Rainbow Graphics as Best in Customer Service, Best in Computer/Internet Services, Printing, Screen Printing and Graphic Design. We have also been given numerous Golden Web Awards; The People's Choice Awards; Top 1%; Top 5%; PURE GOLD; Top 10 for Web Page Designing! Check out our Awards Page to see more!

See what our designers can do. Click here to view some of the many designs. Websites we have designed or redesigned. Many which are mobile friendly. Our website designers do not use templates. We can if you like. But why buy the same template design, layout others are using? Whether a website design is custom made or purchased as a template, you still have to set it all up. So in the end... Be unique, be YOU!

We can easily create a mobile friendly website, one that is adaptable, a Responsive website. That means what we design, will work on all mobile devices, all media platforms (Smart Phones to Smart TVs). Having a Responsive Website Design will allow one to easily view and navigate at ease, on all screen sizes out there.

Adirondack Web Site Design Responsive Websites Rainbow Graphics Award Winning Web Design Firm

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a specialty of ours, so you can get on top! Having a great site is one thing. It's not worth a penny, if you can not be found! We are a google representative so we know how to get your website to stand out from the others. But if you like, we can also setup sponsor ads (PPC) that produce too. There are so many ways to increase your web presence, to brand your business, besides linking through the use of Facebook, Google+ Plus, Google Brands, LinkIn, Twitter, etc.!

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P.O. Box 201 · Saranac Lake, NY 12983 · 518-327-5273 · Fax: 518-523-6497 · www.rainbow-graphics.com · design@rainbow-graphics.com
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